Twiztid celebrating 420 at Saint Andrews Hall

Tonight, Detroit's hip hop/rock fused duo, Twiztid, will once again be holding a 420 bash, but this time they are bringing the fun to Detroit, where they will be taking the stage at Saint Andrews Hall. This year's 5th annual edition of the show will also feature performances from all of the band's label mates on their independent record label Majik Ninja Entertainment (MNE). 

Blaze, Boondox, The R.O.C., G-Mo Skee, Lex The Hex Master. Gorilla Voltage and AMB will all be playing sets. There will also be music running all night downstairs at The Shelter.  Doors for the show open at 6 p.m. and tickets will be available at the door.

On Tuesday, AXS got a chance to talk with one half of Twiztid in Paul "Monoxide" Methric, who was back home after a trip to the dentist and popping in at the MNE offices to get some work done, "Yeah, so that was my day.  We've just got a million things going on right now, it's crazy!  It's very chaotic."

He talked a lot about where the band and label are headed and gave a little preview at what fans can expect at tonight's show and over the next few months.

He says he's excited about the 420 show because he never really saw it becoming an annual thing, "It's like, oh, ok, that's cool! And this year it is at Saint Andrews Hall instead of The Crofoot, which kind of changes things up and is turning a corner in that it's going to be an all day on all floors thing.  It's going to be nuts!"

He also acknowledged the fact that it has been twenty years for Twiztid in the music industry, "I'm just excited that a show like this is happening again because we're a very small underground, an independent band that has been doing this for that long somehow. And, I mean, we've been successful at it in our own way, with charting on the Billboard and being one of the few independent bands that can really sell tickets and sell merchandise and really sell out consistently. So every part of this is amazing to me. I am just so grateful to still be here. I mean, I didn't even think I'd be alive at thirty!"

When asked if there was any thought twenty years ago that they could still be doing this he emphatically stated, "Absolutely not! I know that a couple of years in that I loved doing it and was seeing things that I wanted. It was like, oh, we want that and we're going to have that.  I guess we just had dreams and aspirations and it led us here.  I guess everybody has those though, but a lot of people aren't willing to sacrifice. It is tough and a lot of sacrifices have to be made, but without sacrifice, nothing's worth it. If you're not willing to work for it, then it's probably not worth it."

MNE is having a busy year with Twiztid dropping their latest album, The Continuous Evolution of Life's ?'s, in January, Gorilla Voltage releasing Ape-X in February, Boondox releasing The Murder in March and most recently, The R.O.C. dropping Digital Voodoo on April 14.  Monoxide said that the releases have just begun, with there being a total of 11 dropped by the end of 2017, "It's nearly impossible, but somehow we're pulling it off.  There's never a dull moment.  We're recording more music than we've ever recorded in the twenty years that we've been around. We're going to have a Triple Threat record with Blaze and an exclusive tour release. There will be another G-Mo record and a Year of the Sword record with the entire label.  Plus there's a Young Wicked record coming and a Gorilla Voltage full length. It's f*cking insane!"

He says everyone on the label lends an ear to everyone else and that he is blown away by how appreciative all of the artists have been, "They're all so humble and they are all workhorses. All they want to do is music. I'm sure next time we talk that I'll be telling you more about G-Mo Skee and Young Wicked. Those two are really onto something and they have such potential to be bigger than any of us have ever been. G-Mo Skee is the f*cking second coming of Eminem, that's what I'm telling you! He's out of his mind. I mean, he's got a smile that will light up a room, but when he gets on stage he becomes a honey badger."

Twiztid will also once again be participating in Record Store Day on Saturday with an exclusive picture disc release with Blaze called Necromancy. Monoxide says they are lucky to be a part of the day, "It's a very select few that get to be a part of the offerings on that day and I'm sure there are those who are like, who the f*ck is Twiztid and how are they in the Top 3 all the time when it comes to Record Store Day? They can't believe we can push vinyl the way we do and put people in the venues the way that we do. It's funny because we're kind of still the big secret. We're one of the biggest things that music has never heard of! We're almost like a guilty pleasure. People love it but they love it in certain circles and we are really trying to rid ourselves of that. We want people to be proud to represent us. We're trying to change that perception without sacrificing what made us and makes us, us."

He says that he really thinks that there is a place for horror music if there can be a place for horror movies in entertainment, "I believe we can get on stage with anybody. Well, ok, maybe not with Keith Urban! However, without a doubt in my mind, we could murder a Rob Zombie or Slipknot crowd."

When asked about the constant grumbling in the underground scene when a band tries anything different or starts bringing in a wider audience, he shared, "The way I see it is that as long as you stay true to yourself, you can't help appealing to others or control who likes you. Now I mean if everybody started liking Twiztid because suddenly Twiztid is only making trap music, then there is going to be people who are like, wait a minute, what's that? That's when you've crossed the line and your clock starts ticking. We like to try new things but we've never strayed from our core. I'm not sure we'll ever be able to change people's outlook on what we do, but we will continue to be us."

Finally, Monoxide had this to say, "For the fans, thanks for everything you do and for those on the fence, maybe give it a shot and don't believe what you've heard. Give it a shot and maybe you will like it. I think you're really missing out on something."