Tyler, the Creator curates throwback playlist for Solange's Saint Heron
YouTube/Mika Brossard

For Tyler, the Creator, his 8th-grade year was something special, so special that he decided to curate his own throwback playlist about that time of his life for Solange’s cultural hub, Saint Heron.

Titled “Role Back, Play That,” the series focuses on, what the website describes, as deep cuts of songs curated by today’s biggest artists. It’s a fantastic series that will provide nostalgia to simpler times for older readers and a glimpse into what music was back in the day for the younger generation.

Tyler’s playlists consist of tracks that made 2004 a great time for music. In the story accompany the playlist, Tyler, the Creator detailed why each of the eight tracks he selected hold so much weight in his creative soul. For example, in the Saint Heron article that described the playlist, he told the online publication why Usher’s “Wifey,” which featured a then up-and-coming star by the name of Pharrell Williams, was such an influential track:

"Confessions'  by Usher was such a massive album. F*****G HUGE," he said to Saint Heron, adding " a couple of them leaked," about songs that Pharell created, but didn't go onto the album. "A standout at the time was 'Wifey.' Classic Neptunes piano, simple drums, infectious hook, and melody." 

Also in his description of "Wifey," he said that he sent “Wifey," by email, to a girl he liked at the time, and she didn’t like the song, which was a bummer because the song ranks as one of Usher's best tracks. 

Take a listen to Tyler, the Creator’s playlist below.