Aspen Ladd hopes to get back in the Octagon before the end of 2018

Aspen Ladd hopes to get back in the Octagon before the end of 2018

Photo by Eric Holden

Aspen Ladd didn't take kindly to Lucie Pudilová's rude Twitter call-out, which included a comment about "The Shield Maiden" needing to become a competitive eater rather than a professional fighter. Ladd, an undefeated bantamweight, wasn't about to let getting compared to Joey Chestnut slide.

The 23-year-old California native fired back with a witty comeback, telling the surging Czech prospect she would gladly take the fight -- and then celebrate together at the buffet table if her mouth could still open after the final bell. "Bullet" was clearly trying to throw shade at Ladd due to the youngster's inability to make weight for her scheduled fight with Leslie "The Peacemaker" Smith at UFC Fight Night 128.

Ladd weighed in at 137.8 pounds for that bout, 1.8 pounds over the bantamweight non-title max of 136 pounds. Ever since then, she has faced criticism from more than a handful of female fighters, who felt it was unprofessional to miss weight for any reason at the UFC level. For the most part, Ladd took the social media smack-talking in stride.

However, Pudilová's zinger hit a nerve. Now with two of the top young female bantamweights feuding on social media, the UFC's matchmaking team may have a nice little fight to put together. Does the match-up make sense? There's no doubt about it.

Pudilová, 24, is 8-2 overall and riding a two-fight win streak in the UFC. As for Ladd, she was impressive in her UFC debut and still has never lost as a professional. Both ladies are getting to get back into action sooner rather than later, as "Bullet" hasn't competed since February and Ladd is still looking for her first fight of 2018. Hopefully, Mick Maynard and Sean Shelby will consider making this scrap official sometime in the near future.