UFC vet Dennis Hallman says he 'wears a speedo' better than Conor McGregor
Video by AXS TV Fights

UFC vet Dennis Hallman was not impressed with the Twitter photo of Conor McGregor. McGregor was in form-fitting shorts in front of a fancy car, as he boldly declared that he looks better in a banana hammock than the Irish superstar. What made "Superman" comment on the photo?

In the combat sports community, the 41-year-old is synonymous with skimpy, form-fitting shorts. His UFC career included big wins over Karo Parisyan and Ben Saunders, but most fight fans remember his time under the Zuffa banner for his odd choice of attire at UFC 133 in 2011. He famously wore tiny blue shorts inside the world-famous Octagon for his UFC 133 fight against Brian Ebersole, drawing the ire of Dana White.

Hallman said he wore a speedo on fight night because he lost a bet, and to make his friends giggle. For the UFC boss, the Washington native's choice of attire at UFC 133 was no laughing matter, as he gave Hallman's opponent a nice win bonus just for finishing the fight and getting him off television so quickly.

White was so mad about Hallman's attire at UFC 133 that he banned fighters from wearing speedo-style shorts immediately after the event. Now close to six years later, maybe White is over it, and can laugh about the whole situation. As long as McGregor keeps his speedo-wearing ways to Twitter and avoids wearing tiny shorts inside the Octagon, White is probably cool with it.

The thing is, rocking a speedo inside the cage is a legitimate concern because the UFC doesn't want a fighter to have a wardrobe malfunction on live television. The UFC is trying to break into the mainstream, so they can't afford to turn off viewers with a wardrobe malfunction.