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Archivum Publishing began a crowdfunding campaign for its latest Beatles book, “The Beatles in Stereoscopic 3-D, Volume 1” on Pledge Music Sept. 27. The new book will feature a box of specially created stereo images of the Beatles. According to the Pledge Music site, the first edition will be limited to 995 copies when it comes out in 2018. Cost is $135.50.

Simon Weitzman, who also is involved with the “Here, There and Everywhere” Beatles film, told in a recent phone interview the book, which he is doing with Paul Skellett, will be unique in featuring 3-D never-before-seen images of The Beatles. “One thing Paul and I are keen on is stereo-graphs,” he said. “We were exposed to some of them at the Library of Congress in 2013. We fell in love with them when we were asked to restore them.” The set will be comprised of a 10-inch box with a lenticular cover. Inside will be 50 digitally remastered stereo pictures and a book. “Our project is to put people back in the moment,” he said. Weitzman hopes to do other volumes with photos from different points in the Beatles' career.

Weitzman said he and Skellert had been experimenting with the 3-D process in the course of planning the book and people have been very receptive. “It's taken a year and we tried out some test images at Beatles Week (in Liverpool) and got an incredible reaction. Younger people can feel they're there with the Beatles and for older people, it takes them back there.” In addition to Pledge Music, the book will be available through the Fest For Beatles Fans next March.