Umphrey’s McGee surprise fans with unannounced release of ‘it’s you’
Umphrey's McGee/YouTube

Umphrey’s McGee have had a busy 2018 so far, mainly focused around the release of their 20th anniversary album, It’s Not Us back in January. On Friday, the popular prog-rock jam band gave their fans quite the surprise to start the weekend, as they released a brand new 10-track album titled it’s you. The new studio project acts as the musical companion to It’s Not Us, as the tracks from each of the two albums were initially produced and recorded during their sessions at Chicago’s IV Lab Studios in the fall of 2016, JamBase reports.

It’s you can be found on major streaming platforms, including Spotify, as seen below. The opening tracks starts out with some declining arpeggios before electric guitar power chords blow the doors right off the hinges to welcome the listener into a thunderous new experience. As JamBase points out, four out of the 10 sounds heard on the new album, including “Attachments,” “Upward,” “In The Black,” and “Push & Pull” have already made their live debut, an important landmark in the jam scene. “Attachments," which can be heard above, was last played back on March 25 to open up the band’s concert at The Observatory North Park in San Diego.

"After completing the latest recording sessions and digesting the volume of material we'd tracked, it grew increasingly clear that a single album wasn't realistic," keyboardist Joel Cummins added about It’s Not Us’ sister album in a statement via press release. "The collective level of enthusiasm around the majority of these tunes made us reluctant to leave much on the cutting room floor (rarely the case)."

The release on Friday certainly adds to the list of fun accomplishments which veteran rock outfit has seen so far in 2018. Umphrey’s winter tour included a three-night weekend stand at New York City’s Beacon Theatre in late January to celebrate their 20th anniversary as a band. They’ve continued touring relentlessly throughout the spring months, and are set to continue their busy life on the road well into summer. They band is scheduled to return to Denver’s Red Rocks Amphitheatre on July 5-7, as part of what’s become a pretty epic Independence Day Weekend tradition at the famous outdoor venue.

“I didn’t tell everyone in my family because I wanted to keep it a shock to everybody and be able to say, ‘Oh, guess what? Here’s a whole new album,’” guitarist Brendan Bayliss also added about the secrecy behind their new release. “I have a couple of close friends that I definitely did not say anything to. There were a couple people in the organization that we didn’t even tell.”

Fans can click here to purchase tickets to their upcoming Red Rocks residency.