Utada Hikaru makes first appearance on Billboard's Hot 100 chart with 'Face My Fears'
Utada Hikaru / YouTube

J-Pop star Utada Hikaru made her debut on the Billboard Hot 100 released on Jan. 29. Her Skrillex collaboration "Face My Fears" opened at No. 98.

Hikaru is one of the biggest-selling Japanese artists of all-time. In Japan, she holds the record for the best-selling album with her 1999 debut First Love. She has tried to translate over that success to the U.S. with her English-language albums, 2004's Exodus and 2009's This is the One. The singles from both those records missed Billboard's all-genre Hot 100 chart.

"Face My Fears" is her collaboration with Skrillex for the soundtrack to "Kingdom Hearts III." On the first two installments of the video game, Hikaru contributed the songs "Simple and Clean" and "Sanctuary" respectively. The anticipation for the long-awaited "III" and the excitement over Utada returning to do the music pushed "Fears" to No. 98 on this week's Hot 100 chart, her very first appearance.

With "Kingdom Heart III" released around the world today, expect Hikaru and Skrillex's "Face My Fears" to receive more exposure to those playing the Disney game right now.