Video: Impact Wrestling's Rosemary sizzles in gnarly table spot
Video by Eric Holden

In Impact Wrestling, the female competitors go just as hard as the guys.

Just days before the WWE made history with a first-ever all-female Royal Rumble, Impact Wrestling got ahead of the curve by holding a women's revolution of their own. They let the female athletes unleash massive amounts of carnage, allowing more brutality and violence than ever before. Impact's game plan to catch up with the WWE appears to be to allow the athletes to hearken back to the days of the Attitude Era, a far cry from their rival brand's current family-friendly formula. 

Need proof? An AXS contributor, on hand for Impact's live taping earlier this month at Universal Studios in Orlando, captured this incredible moment on camera -- Rosemary and Taya Valkyrie performing a jaw-dropping table spot during a "TLC" match.

Both ladies went top rope, traded some punches and ended up going through the table in unbelievable fashion. Neither woman was injured during the segment. They finished the match and walked off under their own power.

Tables, Ladders and Chairs matches are rare for female competitors in the WWE. But at Impact, it's becoming the norm for the ladies to come out guns blazin'. This is all thanks to hardcore, talented competitors such as Rosemary and Valkyrie.

Both ladies have worked hard to raise the bar for female athletes in pro wrestling. Fans have absolutely taken notice, as Rosemary has notched a legion of fans in a group she calls her "hive." Rosemary's merchandise all makes some reference to her hive and how fans should join it.

At Impact house shows, fans can be seen wearing Rosemary's signature makeup, emulating her look. She's clearly well on her way to becoming one of the top stars of the promotion if she's not already. Valkyrie isn't far behind her, as she has made a major name for herself as well in recent months.