Video premiere: Alex Bloom debuts ‘Elevator’
Alex Bloom

“Elevator” is the alt-rock song you’ve needed and never knew you were missing. The lyrics give listeners a look at life and death through the eyes of Alex Bloom. “I wrote a song about the existential elevator ride of life. I think it’s something everyone thinks about all the time,” Bloom told AXS prior to the video debut.

Pairing the lyrics with a beat, sort of seemed as if it were fated to produce the song that it did. “My creative inspiration came from this little white Casio keyboard with preset beats that I set to ‘Rock,’ Bloom says. “Then I started with this guitar riff and immediately noticed the shape and movement of the chord I used, kind of looked like an elevator.”

What transpired is the Los Angeles local’s new song, “Elevator.” While the track continues with the same indie vibe Bloom gave off in his debut collection, it reveals a wiser artist. Someone, who in his early 20s, has captured a sound that’s reminiscent of the music we love while remaining true to a style that is uniquely his own.

Check out the exclusive premiere for “Elevator” up above. You can visit the artist’s website for more.