Video premiere: Indie-pop artist Layke debuts 'Beautiful War'

As the lead single off of Layke’s upcoming debut album, “Beautiful War” exudes a catchy indie-pop vibe, highlighting the singer’s powerful vocals. Along with super producer Adrian Gurvitz (Andra Day), the two experimented with vintage synths, drum machines, and Mellotrons, creating an album that’s both original and versatile.

“When my producer Adrian and I sat down to start writing, and ‘Beautiful War’ was the first song we wrote, we sat down with an open canvas and did not set out to specify a genre or to target anything specifically,” Layke tells AXS. “We just wanted to create good music, good art, something that would be timeless and make people feel something. We ended up gravitating into the dreamy ethereal world of dream pop and I feel like it’s a place that I always should’ve been. We really found my true self here.”

Layke says that on the surface, “Beautiful War” appears to be about a tumultuous relationship that’s extremely passionate and volatile - which feeds into the intimacy. However, as it was being written, it became something so much more. “’Beautiful War’ is also for all those that are suffering,” the artist explained. “We’re all fighting a war in this life and many of us are struggling, but we’re coming from a beautiful place because we want this to be a better world. We’re all fighting in this beautiful war.”

“I want my music and my performances to be a place where people feel like going to be free, expressive and a safe space for themselves in this ever-growing contentious world,” Layke continued. “Music has always been an escape for me. I was an odd kid who never really fit in… and going to shows was a place for me to feel like I had a home where I was accepted. I want to provide the same feelings for other people and I want them to come to my shows and to feel something. I hope ‘Beautiful War’ is the start of that.”

The video was shot with director/photographer Tim Saccenti (Phantogram, Depeche Mode, and Zola Jesus) and was filmed in the middle of the desert this past July. You can check out the exclusive debut up above.

For more on Layke, you can visit her website.