Video premiere: John Akapo teases the upcoming 'Paradise Blues'
John Akapo Music

The blues isn't what Hawai'i is best known for. In fact, the blues is pretty far down the list of things the state is known for. However, there are some good Hawaiian blues like this teaser video (premiering here) for the upcoming album Paradise Blues by John Akapo.

The song begins with Akapo picking the guitar in a style that is easy to imagine being played on a front porch somewhere. Akapo's vocals match the easygoing melody of the song. He sings in a smooth, even voice that is perfect for an outdoor show like the Honolulu barbecue that is shown in the video. At the end of the song, Akapo sings "I'll take care of you, and you'll take care of me" as the camera zooms out to show a Hawaiian beach with some of the bluest water imaginable. In that moment nothing sounds better than being taken care of in that setting.

This video does what it's meant to do. Namely, it piques the interest for the upcoming album. Paradise Blues will be available from Mensch House Records on Oct. 19. If this video is any indication, the album will give you a taste of paradise any time you want it.