Video premiere: Layke reveals new visuals for ‘Strangers in the Dark’

“Strangers in the Dark” is off of Layke’s debut EP, LAYKE, Pt. 1. The indie-pop artist’s collaboration with producer, Adrian Gurvitz, has brought to life a new, experimental body of work. The album highlights the singer’s vocals, complementing Layke’s sound with vintage synths, drum machines, and Mellotrons.

“’Strangers in the Dark' is one of those amazing artistic things that just happens. It comes naturally in the sense that you set out to write a song or create a piece of art, but you can never predict something coming out the way this song and video did,” Layke tells AXS.

“This song is about everything that is amazing in this world; in a world that we usually are only exposed to the terrible, this is the answer to that,” the singer continued. “We may all feel alone and isolated in this world like strangers walking down the street in the dark with no one knowing who we are, but in reality, we are all interconnected and the people we are passing share so much of the same struggles and experiences.”

“This song, particularly coupled with the visual representation from the video, is a strong statement about who I personally am and about the people in my life that I love and support and support me,” Layke shared. “As a pansexual, queer individual going through their own personal discovery and acceptance, I want this video and song to be a vehicle for others to discover and accept themselves. No matter what one's circumstances are, staying true and loyal to yourself and who you truly are will never change if you don't let it. We're all strangers in the dark until we aren't and that's the message. What you feel matters and no matter how you are feeling remember there are other strangers just like you and you are not alone.”

Lake says that the song is about people coming together, recognizing that connectedness, and celebrating that bond of being strangers in the dark but really being tied together on a whole other level.

"We are all strangers in this world living in the darkness that we are being exposed to, but in reality, we have moments with other people that are feeling the same thing, and that connects us,” the singer added. “It makes us compassionate, human and makes us realize that we are not alone. ‘Strangers in the Dark' really represents those of us that are marginalized and feel isolated, and even though we may not realize it, we unknowingly are surrounded by those that truly understand.”