Video premiere: Pop singer Yvette Nacer casts a spell with 'Santeria'
Courtesy of Yvette Nacer

Pop singer Yvette Nacer has collaborated with Justin Bieber, Ne-Yo, Wyclef Jean, Jason Mraz and Gloria Estefan to name a few, and that impressive list of achievements is about to get a little longer. AXS is pleased to present today the exclusive video premiere of Nacer’s new video, “Santeria.”

Santeria, a religion full of mystical rites and rituals, has its roots in Africa but the religion came to the Caribbean, in particular to Cuba, with enslaved peoples. In “Santeria” Nacer, who is of Cuban heritage, figures that her lover must have used Santeria to put a spell on her because she’s wildly in love (and lust) and can think of nothing but his arrival. The song plays out to a sensuous Latin rhythm while Nacer coos the song title seductively; Santeria or not, fans will find it mesmerizing.

“Santeria” is the follow-up to “Who We Were Before,” a single that Nacer released earlier this year. While she’s just getting started with her solo music career, Nacer is no beginner. In fact she started playing violin at the tender age of three. Her credentials as an actress include the role of Kiki on Nickelodeon’s “The Fresh Beat Band,” the role of Cha Cha on Fox television’s “Grease: Live” and the role of Vanessa during the 1st National Broadway Tour of “In the Heights.” The singer/actress likes to give back too; in 2014 she founded Creative Minds Care, a nonprofit seeking a world without Alzheimer’s disease.

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