Video Premiere: Soul singer Eryn says 'Hallelujah, You're Gone!'

Sometimes you’ve got to jettison yesterday’s ghosts and start all over again.

When life’s got you down, you need to inventory your emotions and dump the negativity. And that often means pumping the brakes on relationships with the people who’ve been doing you wrong, weighing you down, or dragging you on a path you’re absolutely loathe to follow. You hit the reset button…and blow all the naysayers and nasties out the airlock like monsters in a sci-fi horror flick.

Retro-pop vocalist Eryn (Shewell) did just that before undertaking the writing and recording process for her new EP, Lady E (out now on the Venturi label).

The Maryland-bred / New Jersey-based bombshell recently married, but shed her last name instead of adopting a new one. She earned a degree in audio engineering, continues her studies in graphic design and the visual arts at Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida and plans to pursue business entertainment in grad school.

But Eryn didn’t purge everything from her past.

Produced by Jack Daley (Lenny Kravitz, Beyonce) with engineer Joey DeMaio at Shorefire Studios (Bruce Springsteen, Blondie, etc.), Lady E finds the “Santa Baby” chanteuse singing better than ever on a half-dozen tracks that celebrate personal independence, new beginnings, and spontaneous living—but which also analyze the ups and downs (“The You Missing from Me,” “Stranger in My House”) of affairs of the heart.

Eryn accomplishes that in part by drawing on her vast experience fronting bands like The Soul Project and The Whiskey Devils in such legendary clubs as The Bluebird Café and The Stone Pony. Then she stews a bit of songbird soul, Southern sass, country grit, gospel goodness, and pinup-girl pluck into a glorious musical gumbo that’s all her own.

She’s already dropped a couple cool R&B albums (Window Pane, 4th & Broadway) that tap into that lively old-time New Orleans aesthetic, and she’s supported (or shared stages with) such giants as Buddy Guy, Gin Blossoms, Robert Cray, Don McLean, and Gregg Allman in concert.

Not too shabby for so young a starlet.

Still, Eryn’s learned a lot over the last decade.

“I’ve learned what not to do,” the torch singer told us back in March.

“I spent too much time worrying what other people thought rather than listen to my inner self. This time, I’m embracing not fitting in. I define my own genre, which combines old-school authenticity with a modern vibe.”

The dazzling, soulful new disc / download features writing contributions from industry veterans Anthony Krizan (Spin Doctors) and freshly-inducted Rock and Roll Hall of Famer David Bryan (Bon Jovi).

Now Eryn’s ready to drop the video for the EP’s first single, “Hallelujah, You’re Gone.”

“I think it works as a musical goodbye to anything you need to leave behind to come to your full self,” said Eryn.

“For me, it’s goodbye to old relationships, goodbye to old habits, goodbye to last names! But it wasn’t easy getting there!”

It may have been a rough road for Eryn, but the kiss-off cut resulting from her self-assessment and reinvention is certainly easy on the ears (and eyes). You can watch the horn-drenched, organ-slathered new video (shot in Asbury Park, N.J.) right here…then check out Eryn on the road this summer. She’s got a dozen dates set in New York, Philadelphia, and Florida from June through August. Her website has the full schedule, along with links to Lady E.