Vince Staples wants to be the next director of 'American Horror Story'
Marvel Entertainment / YouTube

Vince Staples has made his name as a successful rapper and producer but he wants to try his hand at something a little different in the future. According to XXL Mag, Staples wants to enter the world of American television dramas. The rapper took to Twitter to let television producer Ryan Murphy know that he would love to direct a season of the popular horror serial “American Horror Story.”

For those who haven’t watched the horror serial, “American Horror Story” has a new story every season with a different slant. They have approached ghost stories, tales of witchcraft, insane asylum horrors, carnival freak shows, and more. According to Staples, he would love to direct next season if they could make an “African American Horror Story.”

Now, the big question is whether or not Vince Staples is serious or not. With the current political climate, this could just be the superstar’s attempts to speak out against the plight of African Americans in today’s society. However, with the current season of “American Horror Story” surrounding political issues, there is a chance that this idea could fit in well on the FX series.

Vince Staples is not a newcomer to film and video work. His single “BagBak” is part of the trailer of Marvel’s big upcoming movie “Black Panther” and he has appeared in movies before, with the notable appearance in the 2015 film “Dope.” Staples will also appear in the upcoming music event, Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival 2017, in Los Angeles (buy tickets here).