VNV Nation simply want you to move
VNV Nation

VNV Nation have become one of electronic music's most beloved acts. The "VNV" stands for "Victory not Vengeance," and it coincides with their motto: "One should strive to achieve, not sit in bitter regret." You've probably run into some of their tracks on the countless amount of electronic music compilations they've appeared on over the years. VNV Nation, which consists of vocalist Ronan Harris and drums/keyboardist Mark Jackson, was founded in 1990 and released their debut album Advance and Follow five years later on Energy Records. VNV Nation gained some steam in the underground music scene, but they didn't reach huge success in the German music charts until their third album Empires, which was released on legendary Philadelphia-based industrial/electronic record label Metropolis Records. The 1999 release spawned the dance singles "Archangel" and "Standing."

VNV Nation managed to make a nice impact on the U.S. charts over the years; 2005's Matter + Form, 2007's Judgment, and 2009's Of Faith, Power and Glory debuted in the top 10 of the U.S. Dance/Electronic Album Charts. The band's latest full length album Transnational dropped in the fall of 2013. When they're not releasing their own material, the duo are remixing tracks for acts like Mindless Self Indulgence, Suicide Commando, and AFI. The band also tapped into their classical side in 2012 with a live performance accompanied by a full symphony orchestra at the Gothic meets Klassik Festival in Gewandhaus, Leipzig. Over the years, the band have traveled the road with acts like Ayria, Combichrist, and Imperative Reaction.

VNV Nation's live show is everything that you would expect from a band focused on a tasty mix of electro-industrial, trance, synthpop, and EBM (electronic body music): flashing lights, euphoric visuals, and a frontman that doubles as a comedian. Ronan's sense of humor is a very engaging part of their set. You might catch him cracking jokes at unsuspecting audience members during fan favorites like "Chrome," "Perpetual" and "Tomorrow Never Comes." Obviously, it's all fun and games. VNV Nation won't stop touring anytime soon, so get your dancing shoes ready when the act brings their grooving music to a venue near you.