The lyrics to 'O Holy Night' are a bit tricky

The lyrics to 'O Holy Night' are a bit tricky


“O Holy Night” is one of the most beautiful of the traditional Christmas carols but outside of its opening three words, how many of its lyrics could you recite from memory?

Worry no longer, friend. The helper elves here at have gifted you with a handy video to get you through that tricky opening verse, just in case you don’t have a hymnal nearby. And to do this, we’ve enlisted the help of some of music’s biggest names, from Celine Dion to Mariah Carey (or least we stitched together their “O Holy Night” videos and live performances).

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So fire up those computers, cell phones and chestnuts and check out our “O Holy Night” lyric video below. And for more coverage of the holiday season, keep it here on