Watch: 2 Chainz releases video for 'Bigger Than You' featuring Quavo an Drake
YouTube/2 Chainz

No matter how old one gets, no one is ever too old to create a hit that everyone can rock with. Such is the case with Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz, who is defying father time.

According to Stereogum, Chainz is 41 years old, but the man is still churning out hits, with the latest example being “Bigger Than You.” Chainz teams up with Drake and Migos’ Quavo for a single that is an instant banger on the car stereos.

Originally released in June, the single is now starting to sizzle a bit on the Billboard charts, which necessitated a video that, to be honest, one cannot stop watching.

The “Bigger Than You” video doesn’t showcase the rappersl, but instead, director Nathan R. Smith recruited kids to portray them. The video takes place in a school, with the younger versions of Chainz, Drake, Quavo, and Murda Beatz -- who produced the track -- doing their thing at the school, getting the school “turned up,” with their classmates rocking to the track, and the teachers dancing on the picnic tables, and on the classroom desks.

It’s too soon to say if this single will become a big hit, but regardless, it’s a video that was entertaining and a track that should carry many into the fall season.

Check out the video to “Bigger Than You” above.