Watch: 2 Chainz stars in interactive Super Bowl Commercial for Expensify

Super Bowl LIII between the New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams is only days away, but that isn't stopping organizations from coming forward and releasing their Super Bowl commercials early. For instance, Expenisfy, a receipt tracking and expense management app that utilizes SmartScan OCR technology for both personal users and big businesses, has dropped their ad five days early to get social media and the general public buzzing about their services. 

The Super Bowl ad features the lyrical genius of 2 Chainz and the acting chops of comedian/producer Adam Scott in a music video-esque environment. Throughout the commercial lavish imagery including a seafood tower, Egyptian backup dancers, a sports car carved out of ice and a third-eye activated sidekick are all present. The extended ad will feature an interactive process that allows viewers to scan all the receipts in the clip in hopes for a chance to win cash and prizes through the Expensify app. 

Expensify is the first company this year to utilize an interactive viewer experience in their Super Bowl ad. There's a strong possibility that Expensify won't be the only ones to do so in order to get the masses talking. With that said, check out the Expensify Super Bowl commercial for yourself in the video provided above and stick with AXS for all of your ticketing needs.