Watch: A$AP Rocky and Tyler, the Creator collab for new track 'Potato Salad'

Whether we knew it or not, the world has been waiting for the day A$AP Rocky and Tyler, the Creator team up for an out-of-the-blue track. The two collaborated on a track about living the best life one can live in the new song “Potato Salad.”

In the song, Rocky and Tyler continue a recent trend in music in with artists releasing tracks without forewarning to the masses. Gone are the days when artists teased us of an upcoming release. These days, it’s “here ya go! Have at it and tell us what you think about it.”

Some may not like this new tactic, but in reality, it has given birth to a new wave of authenticity that has been sacrificed somewhat for hits. There is nothing manufactured, thankfully, about “Potato Salad,” a single that sounds as if Rock and Tyler got together and decided to do a freestyle song and film the video with an Apple phone.

The video starts out with the camera panning up to show Rocky and Tyler just vibing. Then, it cuts to the two in front of the Eiffel Tower checking out something on their phones. The viewer is then instantly launched into the single, which, in classic Tyler, the Creator style, doesn’t make one bit of sense, but will keep you hooked to the song.

If one is having trouble following along with the song, there are subtitles (also in classic Tyler style) so that one will know what the pair is rapping about. As for the meaning behind “Potato Salad,” that is a mystery that one will be asking themselves for days after watching the video.

Again, this is a freestyle track at its heart, created in that "cruisin’-down-Slauson" vibe that is pretty rare these days. Also, if one looks carefully, they’ll see Jaden Smith in a cameo role. Though he doesn’t drop any bars, he’s there for the fun; and that’s the best way to sum up “Potato Salad,” a track and video that shows two of the most creative scribes in hip-hop just enjoying life in Paris.

There is no rhyme nor reason to “Potato Salad.” It’s wacky and doesn’t have direction, but it was created by the right artists, who took those attributes and made it a gem of a freestyle track. 

Check out the video above.