Watch: A$AP Rocky shares music video for new single  'Sundress'
A$AP Rocky

The leader of the A$AP Mob, A$AP Rocky, appears to be broadening his musical horizons. His latest full-length studio album, Testing, experimented with a multitude of different musical concepts and theories and was unlike any other project the platinum-selling hip-hop artists has presented before. Now, Rocky has released visuals for his first single entitled, "Sundress", since the release of his album, Testing

As previously stated, sonically, "Sundress" is unlike the other singles fans expect from A$AP Rocky. The instrumentation was produced by none other than Danger Mouse, utilizing an upbeat, eight-bar loop from the song "Why Won't You Make Up Your Mind?" by the Austrailian, psychedelic rock band, Tame Impala. Rocky harmonizes cohesively with the sample in the first verse of the track while the vocals from the sample provide their own dominant element to the song. The Harlem-bred artist's second verse provides that classic in-pocket flow of Rocky fans have grown to admire as the song ends with the softening of the once hard-hitting drum pattern and melodic organ chords. 

Contextually, the visual content aligns with the lyrical content. "Sundress" acts as a  post-breakup love letter A$AP Rocky wanted the world to hear. Rocky spills his guts about potentially rebuilding with a past love-interest before blowing the idea off in the final verse of the song. Visually, the video directed by, Frank Lebon, plays right into the lyrical concept of "Sundress". A scorned woman executes her revenge on an unexpecting A$AP Rocky who is out in a chic nightclub with new company. The standstill imagery, the grainy low-fi aesthetic of the visuals, and use of a barrel to portray the bullet's perspective of entering Rocky's mind were all perfect concepts for his latest music video offering. 

With that said, check out the track and video for A$AP Rocky's newest song, "Sundress" below and be on a look out for Rocky to hit a city near you in his latest Injured Generation Tour (Tickets) today.