WATCH: A Perfect Circle takes on smartphone culture in video for 'Disillusioned'

After the single initially came out in January ahead of the band announcing their first album in 14 years, A Perfect Circle has shared the video for “Disillusioned.” If Maynard James Keenan’s lyrics weren’t clear enough, the music video--directed by Alex Howard--certainly drives his point home, which is basically: put down the phone, go outside, interact with human beings.

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The mostly black-and-white visual follows a young woman as she negotiates the pitfalls of a smartphone obsessed cult. Sinister wires snake their way around the floor as people stare with blank eyes into their screens. But finally, the young woman breaks free and makes it outside where she finds a group of people standing in a circle holding hands in a beautiful, natural setting. 

The now disillusioned young woman returns with a symbolic lighter to free the cell phone obsessed and the world comes into color. You can check out the haunting, stunning and ultimately uplifting video above.

Maynard and Billy Howerdel are taking A Perfect Circle out on the road in support of their upcoming album Eat the Elephant, due out April 20. Click here to find tickets to select A Perfect Circle dates.