Watch a preview of Bon Jovi's 'Roller Coaster' TIDAL exclusive music video premiere
Sunshine Sachs via MWWPR Used with Permission

AXS is pleased to partner with TIDAL to premiere a preview clip of this week’s Bon Jovi TIDAL exclusive music video for “Roller Coaster” which launches to TIDAL members today, Dec. 8, at noon EST.  The sweet, up tempo, standout track hails from Bon Jovi’s Billboard 200 No. 1 album This House Is Not For Sale. The song is written by Jon Bon Jovi, Chris DeStefano and Ashley Gorley and the exciting Cinema Giants, Inc. video production is directed by Matt Barnes, produced by Jeff Brown, and executive-produced by Leslie Terrero.

New York’s landmark Coney Island boardwalk setting finds Bon Jovi rocking out in front of the Wonder Wheel Ferris wheel. There’s a strong sense of childlike wonder mixed with thrill and excitement in the sprawling visual. We drink in the sights and sounds with happy couples who enjoy a day at the park. We can almost smell the sweet blend of cotton candy and popcorn wafting through the coastal air …

Front man Jon Bon Jovi sings about love and life and the pacing, tone and lyrics of the track brilliantly mimic the rise and fall of a roller coaster, capturing both the thrill and the trepidation we feel when we take a chance, strap ourselves in and take off. Whether we’re taking a chance on love or heading in a new direction, none of us know what the future holds (as the lyrics remind us in the second verse: “Can’t lie and won’t pretend/I know what’s round the bend.”)

Bon Jovi lifts us up and sweeps us along at breakneck speed during the infectious melody and chorus. We can feel the heart-pounding, breathless anticipation of the climb and the adrenaline rush that follows as we plunge into the unknown.

“Hold on tight, slide a little closer/Up so high stars are on our shoulders/Time flies by, don’t close your eyes/Kiss by kiss, love is like a thrill ride/What goes up might take us upside down/Life ain’t a merry go round/It’s a roller coaster/It’s a roller coaster …”

Overall, Bon Jovi’s sixth This House Is Not For Sale TIDAL music video installment is stunning and the triumphant track is romantic, optimistic, and real. Love propels us through life, but life is unpredictable. Moments whiz by before we even realize they’ve come and gone. Bon Jovi charges us to keep our eyes open through the ups and downs, if we want to make the most of this crazy ride and we’re ultimately inspired to comply.

TIDAL members can catch the entire “Roller Coaster” video here. Non-members can click here to sign up for a TIDAL free trial. Bon Jovi recently expanded their 2017 tour to support This House Is Not For Sale, which includes a March 29 stop at Detroit’s Joe Louis Arena. Stay tuned to AXS for Bon Jovi tickets and more information.