Watch a preview of Bon Jovi's triumphant 'God Bless This Mess' TIDAL exclusive music video premiere
Norman Jean Roy Sunshine Sachs Used with Permission

AXS is thrilled to team up once again with TIDAL to premiere a preview clip of the latest installment in Bon Jovi’s TIDAL exclusive This House Is Not For Sale music video series, “God Bless This Mess” which premieres to TIDAL members today, Jan. 5, at noon EST. Front man Jon Bon Jovi may be singing about turning grey in this candid lyrical look at a rock star’s tumultuous ride on the road to fame, but the band is doing anything but fading.

Instead, the entire TIDAL video series places Bon Jovi firmly on the cutting edge of a new digital music era in which Jon Bon Jovi and his boys are telling their story in a bold new way that seals their place at the top of the class of rock bands who have transcended time and displayed staying power across multiple generations of music artists who have enjoyed brief flashes of fame before ultimately fizzling out.

This brilliantly-packaged video proves no exception as the ninth triumphant installment in Bon Jovi’s riveting visual interpretation of their chart-topping fourteenth studio album This House Is Not For Sale. The Cinema Giants video production is directed by Matt Barnes and produced by Jeff Brown and Jon Bon Jovi is the sole writer of the track. Bon Jovi has never released a video for every track on an album before. So, watching This House Is Not For Sale unfold visually track by track via TIDAL has provided an exciting twist to this highly-decorated and beloved rock band's story.

Is there really any living rock star who carries the enigmatic-yet-everyman swagger the distinct way Jon Bon Jovi does? This House Is Not For Sale is a blisteringly honest album in a jaw-dropping discography and “God Bless This Mess” just might be its most candid track.

JBJ leads off noting “I got some blood under my nails, I got some mud on my face/My voice is shot, I’m going grey, these muscles all ache” and then he unapologetically tells us not to cry for him, he’s “the life of the party” before plunging into his infectious proclamation in the chorus “God bless this mess, this mess is mine.” He’s owning the ups and downs of living a rock star’s life in the limelight and as he sings about it, we catch glimpses of positive and negative headlines that have sprawled across the trajectory of Bon Jovi’s impressive 30-plus-year musical journey.

Overall, Bon Jovi paints an optimistic picture with “God Bless This Mess” that tells us while he may not be totally unscathed from past sins and his share of troubled times, he embraces everything that’s happened that’s ultimately made him (and the band) who they are and they are determined to carry on and keep the dream alive, come what may. Bon Jovi fans far and wide are most likely shouting a resounding “Amen!”

TIDAL members can watch the entire “God Bless This Mess” video here. Click here for a TIDAL free trial. Catch a preview of last week’s Bon Jovi TIDAL video “New Year’s Eve” here and read an AXS review of the Bon Jovi “Roller Coaster” TIDAL video here.

Bon Jovi is touring live in 2017 to support This House Is Not For Sale to include at stop at Detroit’s Joe Louis Arena. Stay tuned to AXS for Bon Jovi tickets and more information.