Watch: A R I Z O N A discuss their newest single, 'Find Someone'
AXS YouTube

A R I Z O N A made their names known when they opened for Panic! At The Disco on their most recent tour, and now the rock/electro-pop trio is branching out and making a name for themselves. They have been releasing new music, and the latest to be released is their newest, catchy song "Find Someone."

The band, which consists of Zachary Charles, Nate Esquite and David Labuguen, have impeccable chemistry—and it shows in a recent interview that the band conducted with AXS. 

"We have been finishing up the second album, we've released a couple singles and it's called Find Someone," Zach said in the interview. "It's really good, I think, the lineup we've had and to drop this one now. The entire project is a discovery of identity, it's the theme of it all."

In addition to releasing new singles, the band is working on their album which should be released sometime this year and they are also playing Coachella for the first time. They will be playing on the Saturday of each weekend- be sure to catch them there. Watch the full video for "Find Someone" here and watch the full interview with AXS above. Grab tickets to the band's upcoming shows here.