Watch: Alec Benjamin discusses his background and overcoming hardships at the BBVA Music Sessions
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Alec Benjamin is sitting on the cusp of superstardom. Like many of the artists he cites as influences, (including John Mayer and Jason Mraz), the Phoenix native singer-songwriter is a consummate storyteller who doesn’t fit inside a standard music genre box. Along the way, he’s developed a tight-knit grassroots fan following who fiercely embrace the musical narrative he’s weaving.

During his recent performance at BBVA Music Sessions in Houston, fans chanted Benjamin's name, tossed roses at his feet, and sang along to songs like “Jesus in L.A.,” and his hit single “Let Me Down Slowly.”

Thankfully, the ups and downs Benjamin has experienced in his career never stopped him from chasing his dream. He opened up about a difficult time in his music journey ahead of his BBVA performance.

“I played a lot of gigs where nobody showed up,” Benjamin shared. “So, I finally got really sick of that and said if people aren’t coming to the show, I’ll just bring the show there. It was a difficult time but looking back on it, it was really positive because I grew a lot. But it was quite painful while I was in it …”

Watch his full interview above.