Watch alt-rock band Movements discuss how mental health plays a part in their lyrics and new music
AXS Studios

Alternative-rock band Movements recently released their first studio album Feel Something on Oct. 20,  and after being a band for quite some time, the band finally has found what works for them and found a cohesive sound. 

The four-person band, consisting of lead singer Patrick Miranda, guitarist Ira George, drummer Spencer York and bassist Austin Cressey, work collaboratively to create this post-hardcore/emo sound, which is not common as much as it used to be. 

"There's a lot that goes into the new record. A big thing we talk about is mental health and illness," Miranda told AXS. "That's a huge theme and it's been a huge theme sort of throughout our time as a band. As the lyricist and someone who struggles from anxiety and depression, and OCD, there's a lot of that I can't really talk about in my normal life. It's hard to open up and talk about that sort of thing. I put a lot of that in my music." 

The band is currently on the road and you can find all of their tour dates right here. Stream their new LP Feel Something here, and watch the full interview with the band above.