Watch Amanda Palmer's politically charged video for 'In Harm's Way'
Amanda Palmer/YouTube

Singer-songwriter Amanda Palmer has been known to fearlessly grapple with political issues in her music and she has done it again in her music video for "In Harm's Way."

The haunting, emotional song featuring Palmer's frequent collaborator Jherek Bischoff was inspired by the death of a child in the midst of a refugee crisis; The now-famous image of a toddler dead on a beach in Turkey in 2015.

"The harrowing image of little Aylan Kurdi lying lifeless on the beach in Turkey was enough to thrust a song into me, but the real fuel was the video footage of his father, wailing in pain as the news filmed on," Palmer told NPR. "My own son was two weeks from being born. And my heart broke for Aylan, for his family, for what we, as a human family, seem to be unable to do for each other."

"In Harm's Way" is also for sale on Palmer's Bandcamp page for $1. Like previous politically themed releases, proceeds for the first month went to a charitable cause--this time,, which helps feed, clothe and assist refugees landing and living on the island of Lesvos in Greece.

"I can't tell you how profoundly liberating it feels to make art like this; to be able to work and respond so directly to the state of the world and other artists around me," Palmer said. "It feels like a small but significant revolution in terms of the way artists can confront the massive political storm facing us right now. Because ultimately, art and music can do a way better job of creating change in the world when the art-makers can focus their time and passion on making the art instead of selling it."

The video followed a string of other releases done via Palmer's Patreon, including "Small Hands, Small Heart" released in October with proceeds benefitting victims of Hurricane Maria and "Drowning in the Sound" in September, benefitting the Texas Diaper Bank.

Fans can see Palmer perform live with another frequent collaborator, Jason Webley, when the two stop be Seattle's Showbox in April. Tickets are on sale now right here on AXS.