Watch: 'America's Got Talent': Lindsey Stirling performs with Brian King Joseph in finale
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Lindsey Stirling and Brian King Joseph delivered one of the most memorable moments in the “America’s Got Talent” season 13 finale with their epic violin duet (which almost looked and felt like a “drop the bow” duel) that aired Sept. 19 on NBC.

Lindsey and Brian have a few things in common: First and foremost, a shared passion and jaw-dropping prowess for playing the violin, building up a fan base while playing covers on YouTube, and they both have competed on “America’s Got Talent.” Lindsey was eliminated in the quarter-finals of season five and many people speculated Brian could win the season 13 title – and he came very close, finishing in third place behind acrobatic troupe Zurcaroh and the new AGT season 13 champ, magician Shin Lim.

Lindsey has gone on to become a critically-acclaimed award-winning artist and instrumentalist. She is known for dancing while playing the violin and came in second while competing on season 25 of "Dancing with the Stars." The pair played a blistering duet of “Roundtable Rival” and “The Force of Nature” while trapeze duo, Duo Transcend performed behind them. “Stunning” doesn’t even seem bold enough to describe their performance. It’s as if they were each extensions of their instruments and one could imagine sparks flying from their violins with the speed and precision with which they both played.

In a recent AXS interview, Brian opened up about his struggle to continue playing the instrument he loves while battling neuropathy, which is very painful and has caused him to lose feeling in his hands. Unfortunately, it’s a progressive disorder which will only get worse. Incredibly, he plays by muscle memory and he named Lindsey at the top of his list of dream collaborators, along with Clean Bandit and Tokio Myers. It was so wonderful to watch Brian realize his dream in this performance.

AGT show boss and music mogul Simon Cowell thought Brian might have a shot at winning after his stunning Finals performance. Lindsey lobbied for him to win via social media, asking her Twitter followers to vote for him before the results came in. (Read her post below and watch their electrifying duet in the video embedded above). She also congratulated him after their performance in another tweet noting, "I have never gotten to perform with another violinist that could match my energy until tonight ..."

Lindsey Stirling is performing live on The Wanderland Tour, which includes a stop on Dec. 20 at the Johnny Mercer Theatre in Savannah, Georgia (Tickets).

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“America’s Got Talent” will return to NBC for season 14.