Watch: 'America's Got Talent,' Michael Ketterer sings song penned by Garth Brooks
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“America’s Got Talent” fans probably won’t soon forget when show boss and veteran judge Simon Cowell gave a special shout-out to Garth Brooks and asked him to write a song for his Golden Buzzer act, Michael Ketterer to sing in the finals. Well, Garth happily honored Simon’s request penned a beautiful song called “Courage to Love” that the pediatric mental health nurse and father of six performed in the live AGT season 13 finale that aired Sept. 19 on NBC.

The song couldn’t be a more perfect fit for Michael, who has dedicated his life to helping kids who are struggling with mental health issues and also adopted five boys from the foster care system with his wife, Ivey. In a recent AXS interview, Michael stressed that he hoped to raise awareness of adoption and the current need in the foster care system during his “America’s Got Talent” journey. His story grabbed everyone’s attention and one of his performances even brought Simon to tears.

Michael sang the emotional song straight from the heart and his performance, and the moment will remain an unforgettable part of “America’s Got Talent” history. Some of the lyrics address overcoming conflict with love “any fool can pull the trigger/Anyone can start a fight/But to love is so much bigger/And so beyond what’s black or white/And if we’re going to give our children/A future that is bright/Then the truth must be the answer/And love must be the light.”

These words mirror the selflessness Michael and his wife have shown in adopting five boys from foster care including one who has Cerebral Palsy. They also have one biological daughter and in everything Michael does, he wants to give his family hope and inspire them to follow their own dreams. He has touched thousands of hearts of people who have watched his AGT journey unfold and he continues to impact families and struggling kids every day at his job.

Tyra Banks asked Simon for his thoughts when Michael was finished singing. It took him a moment to gather himself and then he said, “I'm overwhelmed. Garth if you're watching, I cannot tell you how much I love you for what you just did for this man. People don't do this normally, and he took the time, wrote the song. Garth, I said this in an email, and I want to say it to you in person: You are a gentleman and a star, and Michael, you were amazing. Thank you."

Garth also gave Michael another huge surprise by inviting him via a Facebook live session to perform at his sold-out show at Notre Dame on Oct. 20. Michael was thrilled with the invite and though he finished in fifth place in the competition overall, his “America’s Got Talent” experience has already been life-changing. Garth responded to Simon’s thank you via Twitter and called Michael “a songwriter’s dream.” Read Garth’s post below and watch Michael’s wonderful performance in the video embedded above.

“America’s Got Talent” will return to NBC.