Watch: Amilia K. Spicer's mesmerizing video for 'Lightning'
Amilia K Spicer/YouTube

Recently, folk singer Amilia K. Spicer released a music video for her song “Lightning” and it’s nothing short of sublime. The clip, which was directed by Spicer, is filled with beautiful aquatic imagery and has an undeniable hypnotic quality.

Filmed while the singer-songwriter was on tour, the video is largely made up of footage that features Spicer as she swims and floats in various blue and green bodies of water. Palm trees and golden sun rays poke around the outside of the frame, subtly suggesting a surreal vision of the West Coast submerged.

“Lightning’s” isn’t all mesmerizing underwater footage. The video also features lightning flashes over crashing waves and evocative fleeting images of Spicer and actor Damon Mathew Lewis in an intimate embrace. Taken together, the clip feels reminiscent of the work of songstress and music video innovator Lana Del Rey. It’s also a testament to the notion that DIY methods can produce some extraordinary results.

“Lightning” appears on Spicer’s latest album Wow and Flutter, which is available for purchase here.