Watch: Anja Kotar is 'Poster Child of California' in new video

Anja Kotar's newest music video will give pop fans some serious summer vibes, and maybe even inspire them to try a brand new look. Watch her stylish video for the appropriately titled "Poster Child of California" by playing the video above, download the single on iTunes and then stream the single on Spotify.

"Poster Child of California" is Anja Kotar's first release of 2018 and was originally made available on her album Nomad, which dropped last May. In her release interview with AXS, she described this song as "embracing individuality and uniqueness," and the music video definitely reflects that idea. Kotar takes the song's 80's vibe and she translates it into the look of the video, coming up with several different outfits that would all fit right in with the brightly colored and often clashing look of three decades ago.

The Slovenia-born singer is the sole person seen in the video, as Kotar performs pieces of the song at a handful of locations that all evoke what we think of when audiences think of California. From the lifeguard tower at the beach, to the beach itself, to relaxing out by the pool, everywhere she visits seems like it's part of a perfect West Coast summer. That then plays right into the general idea of the music video: that wherever you are, whatever you're like, you can be the poster child of your own story. It's simple, straight to the point, and certainly creative.

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There's also a fashion element to the "Poster Child of California" video. Some of the pieces Kotar is wearing for the video are from her own Too Cool fashion line, and music fans can now purchase them through her online store. So not only can audiences enjoy watching the video and groove out to the song, they can also get their hands on the singer's wardrobe for their own summer adventures.

"Poster Child of California" is now available on iTunes. Anja Kotar does not currently have any tour dates announced this summer to go with the single release, but music fans can keep up with future announcements on her news page. Perhaps if she tours this summer, she can be the poster child of all 50 states.

For more on Anja Kotar, visit her official website.