Watch: Anthrax's Scott Ian showcases his favorite guitar riffs

Anthrax’s Scott Ian is a legend with the guitar, and he has too many classic riffs that will make it easy for him to pick which one are his faves.

Well, he attempted to do it while speaking with Loudwire’s Gear Factor, which is powered by Sweetwater. For those who may not be in the know, Ian is part of what’s known as the “Big 4” of thrash metal, and his guitar has become quite legendary.

In his interview with Loudwire, he described one memory when he described a rift he got from working with Chuck D. of Public Enemy. “I had to work with Public Enemy somehow,” he told Loudwire, adding; “I had to work with Chuck [D.], and I just had an idea for a riff that came with the horns that they sampled for ‘Bring the Noise.’”

He went on to play the riff for Loudwire, and it sounds awesome.

Ian also talked about his V guitars, which has become his signature guitar. “I started doing that ages ago, having a production model,” he said, noting that it’s important to separate yourself from the crowd, and have a mid-priced guitar. According to Loudwire, Anthrax is currently in Europe on tour. Check out the awesome interview above.