Watch: ARCH ENEMY releases new video for The World Is Yours
Century Media Records - ARCH ENEMY

July 14, 2017, in the heart of the European festival circuit, Swedish metal powerhouse ARCH ENEMY has released a new video for their new single "The World is Yours." The song is off the upcoming new album Will to Power and is the first indication of the direction for ARCH ENEMY's new album. It's also the first chance we get to hear music from the band's new guitarist Jeff Loomis.  

As far as the video goes, there is nothing groundbreaking about its design, you have a pretty standard scene with ARCH ENEMY playing music in a warehouse with flashing lights behind them.  Upon first listen to the song, however, one gets transported back in time to  earlier ARCH ENEMY works with sounds similar to songs like "Nemesis."  As soon as the initial drums and guitar riffs get going it immediately forces you to pay attention.

Although Michael Amott (guitars) has been a driving force of ARCH ENEMY's sound since their inception, Jeff Loomis' new influence is undeniable.  From his epic solos, down to his quick guitar fills, Loomis has added new life to an already strong lineup.  It can also be noted that although Alyssa White-Gluz (vocals) has had several years to refine her sound, she has definitely come with a new intensity on this album which is sure to make an imprint on fans of old ARCH ENEMY.

ARCH ENEMY is on tour now throughout Europe, but will be announcing a North American tour shortly 

Will to Power will be released via Century Media Records on Sept. 8.