Watch: Artists, healers, vendors and more talk Denver's upcoming Tattoo Masquerade

Just as a tattoo merely covers the exterior of your body, there’s a lot going on beneath the surface of the upcoming Tattoo Masquerade®, scheduled for June 2-4 at the Colorado Convention Center in downtown Denver. Sure, with 87 artists (and counting) on location with their tattoo guns, the three-day event is obviously the perfect place to get some fresh ink for the start of summer. But with over 100 healers, vendors, artists, performers and craftspeople also in attendance, there’s plenty to do at the Tattoo Masquerade® even if you have no interest in getting a tattoo.

The live art floor will feature on-location painting from talented artists across the state and region. The healing area will include booths with local apothecaries, Shamanic healers and chiropractors. And the vendors will be selling clothes, jewelry, art, glass and much more (that’s to say nothing of the musicians, performers, live animals or daily competitions). Between your new ink, clothes and jewelry and healing treatments, you can walk out of Tattoo Masquerade® feeling like an entirely new person.

To get an idea of the scope of the event, AXS recently sat down with some of the tattoo artists, healers, artists and vendors who will be on site at Tattoo Masquerade®. Watch the video above for a taste of what’s in store at this one-of-a-kind event and click here to get your three-day, two-day and single day passes.