Watch: Aspen shares world-wide premiere of new single 'Can You Hear Me Now'
Aspen Official/YouTube

Pop singer Aspen garnered attention when she released a single via her SoundCloud account. According to her bio, since that release the single has received well over 138,000 streams. Her traction is growing with her recent competition in a new show titled "Best.Cover.Ever." debuting today, Nov. 20. The show is produced by "American Idol" alum and radio host, Ryan Seacrest and hosted by Ludacris

She has recently released her original single titled "Can You Hear Me Now," that she penned herself, and when asked why she wrote it, she tells AXS exclusively that she wrote the single "when I was a junior in high school and it's one of the most heart-felt songs I have ever written." Explaining further what the single means, she says that the song "reflects the time of my life where I spent chasing a guy I could never catch. So, this song means a lot to me because when I wrote it I poured my heart and emotions into the lyrics." She also hope that her fans "can connect and feel my emotions through this song." 

During her stint on "Best.Cover.Ever" she had the once-in-a-lifetime experience of performing for Jason Derulo, and when asked to describe what that collaboration was like, Aspen excitedly shares that "performing for [Jason] Derulo was the best and most surreal experience I have ever encountered. Singing and performing in front of him was both exhilarating and a blessing as I got to show him my talent and personality. Even though I was both shocked and nervous, the experience in general was very humbling and taught me what I need to improve on."

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