Watch: At The Moment are 'Ready for Love' in exclusive new video
Directed and Edited by Ryan McGilloway/YouTube

In true celebration, indie-act musician At The Moment are celebrating the release of their newest album. The band have teamed up with AXS to premiere the video for their new single "Ready for Love." Lead singer for At The Moment, Daniel Stampfel, tells AXS that he wrote "'Ready For Love' as a much more up-tempo song. I played a demo of the song for Steve Schiltz (Harvard of the South, Hurricane Bells) who produced our Monte Carlo EP.  Steve liked the song but recommended I change to tempo. I thought it was an interesting idea but at the time tabled the song."

He explained further that after he wrote "'In for a Ride,' the title track off our new album, I revisited 'Ready for Love' with Steve’s suggestion in mind.  I liked the emotion that came through, the space and the intimacy on the vocal line at the beginning. To me, it’s a song about acceptance of where you have been, where you are and where you want to be and reconciling that without judgment."

The new album contains ten original songs composed by native New Yorker musician Daniel Stampfel. As stated in his bio, he's also a multi-talented musician who plays saxophone and guitar. The new album is aptly titled In For A Ride, in which the listener's definitely settling in for. Stampfel's musical progression has come a long way from his beginner days of being in a ska band, and then in a power-pop band. After that band ended, life took on before he could continue his musical aspirations, as also indicated in his bio.

His comeback came in 2012 with his Monte Carlo EP , featuring three songs that led to him eventually releasing the full-length album In For A Ride, out now. Also stated in his press bio, "the album is the strongest Stampfel's ever put his name on, filled with personal lyrics about love and uncertainty...It's rock 'n' roll with a shiny new coat of's as relatable as it is hummable." 

Watch At The Moment's new video for the single "Ready For Love" right here on AXS!