Watch: Autumn Walker introduce themselves with 'Step Back' video
Autumn Walker/YouTube

Texas-based rock band Autumn Walker are making their presence known with their new single entitled "Step Back." Watch the "Step Back" music video by playing the video above, which will provide audiences a taste of what's to come when the band releases their first full-length album Daydreamer later this year.

While Autumn Walker hails from Texas, they're anything but country. They're a thoroughly rock and roll band, who are attacking their music with a youthful exuberance and a devil may care attitude. The band consists of lead singer and guitarist Lodin Fortinberry, lead guitarist Cameron Barber, drummer Dan Flynn and bassist Mitchell Meitler; according to the video's press release, the relationship between founding members Fortinberry and Barber dates back to their freshman year of high school. Now a few years down the line, they've found their teammates and are continuing to find the sound that makes them unique.

On the heels of their debut EP Conversations, released in 2016, "Step Back" is a step forward for Autumn Walker. The song is clearly led by its guitars, which is no surprise when both founding members of the band are guitarists. But the guitars don't dominate the song; there's a little more of a musical balance here than in their past work. At the same time, the band's energy level continues to be off the charts. The song is unashamedly upbeat, and the music video allows audiences to see the energy that the band puts into their music. They are clearly having a good time making music, and want people to have just as much fun listening to it. That sense of fun is the real engine that drives Autumn Walker, and right now it's moving at full speed.

Play the video above to share in the band's enthusiasm and enjoy their new music video. While they are still new on the rock scene, Autumn Walker seem to be reveling in finally reaching national audiences, and music fans ought to welcome them with open arms. The song may be called "Step Back," but the reality is everyone should join their party.

"Step Back" is now available on iTunes and Daydreamer is due in fall 2018. Autumn Walker has yet to announce any tour dates in support of their upcoming album, but music fans can keep up with future tour announcements here.

For more on Autumn Walker, visit their official website.