Watch: Axl Rose experiences piano mishap at Guns N' Roses concert in Houston, blames 'ghosts and gremlins'
Space City Shows/YouTube

Playing music is a ritual, and as is such, musicians often enter a liminal space when they are onstage.  Entering this liminal space, however, leaves the musician exposed to attacks from entities not of this world, something Axl Rose learned firsthand in Houston on Aug. 5 during Guns N’ Roses’ performance of their 1991 classic “November Rain.”  Musicians joke, but sometimes really weird things happen.

Axl experienced some spooky sabotage when his piano began to play inexplicable ghost notes that are painfully not in the same key as the song.  In the fan shot video above, these strange notes can be heard at about the 4:35 minute mark and although Rose tries to soldier through, he eventually audibly inquires “What the f—k was that?” before having to stop the song completely.  Axl is good-natured about the whole thing and remarks at the end, “I don’t mind ghosts and gremlins, but they should probably learn the f—ing song.”  Check out the video embedded above.

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