Watch: Bad Bunny and Jimmy Fallon perform 'MIA' in Puerto Rico, lead a street parade
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon YouTube

Jimmy Fallon hosted “The Tonight Show” from Puerto Rico for the first time and the episode aired last night (Jan. 15) on NBC.

The music-loving late-night host joins musical guest Bad Bunny for an epic performance of his Drake collab hit “MIA.” They wind through the streets of Old San Juan on foot and Fallon keeps time with a pair of drumsticks as Bad Bunny sings the lyrics in Spanish. The Roots members Questlove and Tariq follow along playing a tambourine and maracas.

They quickly pick up a crowd of happy people who walk along with them. Some of them sing along, others are proudly waving the Puerto Rican flag. Eventually, they join forces with a full-blown, trombone-wielding parade. There are women wearing colorful costumes walking on stilts. An aerial shot of them walking through the historic streets shows them pass underneath bright, floating umbrellas.

At the end of the song, Fallon and Bad Bunny are jumping and chanting in the middle of the throng, who is circling around them. The entire performance channels the vibe of the fun block party Bad Bunny and Drake attend in the official music video for the track.

“MIA” is an upbeat, romantic song about being head over heels for someone. The whole “Tonight Show” Puerto Rico street performance of it makes it even more festive and fun. Watch it above.