Watch: Barbra Streisand makes James Corden nervous during Carpool Karaoke
The Late Late Show with James Corden YouTube

James Corden was quaking in his boots during Carpool Karaoke with Barbra Streisand on “The Late Late Show.” The eight-time Grammy-winning songstress put a twist on the popular segment by having James ride shotgun while she piloted the vehicle.

They kicked off their mobile setlist with a rousing rendition of “Enough Is Enough,” and then Barbra casually told James she recently had to renew her driver’s license and failed the written exam three times. She went on to say she doesn’t drive a lot because she gets nervous. James covered his face with his hand when she took both hands off the wheel to flip her hair and then realizes with a start she needs to grab back onto the wheel.

She added, “I’ve been driving for a long time, but I haven’t driven recently because my mind is twirling …” Then she told him how she went the wrong way on an up ramp and had decided to stop driving. The look of panic on James’s face is priceless.

The pair covered a range of topics while riding down the road, including Barbra’s call to Tim Cook at Apple to get him to fix the way Siri pronounces her name. They also discussed her latest album, Walls, which contains the politically-charged single “Don’t Lie to Me.” Barbra admitted she wrote the whole album in response to what’s going on in the country right now. They sang “Don’t Lie to Me” in the Carpool segment, along with “The Way We Were,” her “Imagine/What a Wonderful World” mashup, “Don’t Rain on My Parade” and she even rapped a line in Cardi B’s “Bodak Yellow.”

Watch the entire Carpool Karaoke segment above and stay tuned to AXS for Barbra Streisand updates.