Watch: Beach House releases kaleidoscopic music video for 'Drunk in LA,' remix of 'Black Car'
Beach House/YouTube

With a title like "Drunk in LA," Baltimore dream-pop band Beach House had to do something fun for their latest music video.

The kaleidoscope-like clip was directed by Peter "Sonic Boom" Kember, who also produced the duo's most recent album, 7, released this spring.

"While mixing the record with Alan Moulder in London, we were out having dinner and Pete mentioned an idea for a video where the viewer is always looking up from the ground. This became the 'Drunk in LA' video," Beach House said in a statement. "When he sent it to us, we complimented and commented on the trippy, dreamlike nature of the video and he wrote that it was essentially just a day in his life."

But the group didn't stop there--they also released a remix of another 7 track, "Black Car," yet another Sonic Boom Creation.

"We have never had a remix, but we thought it would be cool if Pete did one," Beach House said. "We really like the one he did for 'Black Car,' because it feels like a different song, focused largely on voice and arpeggio. It feels like a poem this way, and the minimal treatment highlights the lonesome quality of the song."

Beach House previously released "Lemon Glow" and "DIVE" earlier this year.