Watch: Big & Rich explain why they always 'Did It For the Party'

"Some of the greatest things in the world [have] happened to us just by being out," Big & Rich's Kenny Alphin (aka Big Kenny) muses. "The best things that have happened to us are just because we got together to have a good time. I see the future falling right in place with that." 

The country duo, known for hits like "Save a Horse" and "Lost in This Moment," keep the party rolling with their brand new album Did It For the Party. A celebration of friendships forged, lessons learned, and independence found, the album is the second release through the pair's own Big & Rich Records. 

After years with a major label, Rich and Alphin released 2014's Gravity independently, a demonstration of both their sustaining artistry and their business prowess (the album produced three Top Ten singles). 

"Did it for the party, do it for the party, still doing it for the party," John Rich summarizes of the pair's philosophy. "Always doing it for the party," concludes Alfin. Step into the Big & Rich party by watching the video above.