Watch: Billie Eilish reflects on number of firsts in interview with NME

For many like Billie Eilish, some of our best memories is the first time something has ever been achieved.

Eilish, who broke out in 2018 and is now an artist on superstar watch, had a great time recently remembering her many “firsts” during an interview with NME. In the interview, Ellish dished on a number of firsts with many her fans and viewers could very well relate two.

For starters, when asked about the first CD she ever brought, she couldn’t even remember even buying one. To remind readers, Eilish is 17-years-old, so she came into the world at a time when CDs were on the way out, and streaming was all the rage.

Though she may not have remembered the CD craze, she isn’t any stranger to past artifacts of music. Her first band t-shirt was that of Nirvana, the band that would launch alternative rock into the mainstream. Her first concert was seeing The Neighbourhood, an alt-rock band who have followed in the footsteps of the aforementioned Nirvana.

Those firsts, though, pale in comparison to the one question that was on NME, and her fan’s minds -- Who was her first celebrity crush? For the answer to that, watch the interview above.