Watch: Bon Jovi shines positive light in 'This House Is Not For Sale Camden, New Jersey' TIDAL exclusive documentary

Bon Jovi shines a riveting, positive light in its “This House Is Not For Sale Camden, New Jersey” TIDAL exclusive documentary, which was released on Jan. 19. Casey Stein directs the sobering film which serves as a companion piece to the final three videos in Bon Jovi’s TIDAL exclusive series for their chart-topping 14th studio album This House Is Not For Sale. It features real people who are making a positive difference in Camden’s crime-laden, impoverished neighborhoods. Its overall message: Hope, hard work, perseverance and pulling together can help turn even the toughest situations around.

Dubbed as “America’s most dangerous city,” Camden police chief Scott Thompson explains how the 2014 shift to community policing changed the force from “crime fighters” to “community builders.” As the police, civic leaders, community workers and residents pulled together, real improvements were made and still continue today.

New Jersey born-and-raised Bon Jovi front man Jon Bon Jovi works tirelessly via his JBJ Soul Foundation to combat poverty and homelessness in New Jersey. This House Is Not For Sale is about integrity and triumph in the face of adversity. It’s about weathering the storm and digging deep down within to find light in the darkness. The entire theme of this deeply personal album parallels the horrific struggles Camden, New Jersey residents have endured with high crime and poverty rates.

By the end of This House Is Not For Sale, we get a sense Bon Jovi has come through to the other side of internal and external battles. The same can be said for this documentary. Camden stands tall and defies the odds. Broken spirits are renewed. Faith and hope are not lost, but found.

Bon Jovi makes a profound statement in this documentary and in metaphorically tying the final two TIDAL video tracks to Camden’s hard-won victories. These are real people, who have experienced very real, tragic loss and yet they find the resiliency to dig in their heels and fight for a better future. Anyone who has experienced similar, seemingly unbearable struggles can draw hope and inspiration from Camden’s rise from the ashes.

While Bon Jovi remains an internationally-renowned, highly-decorated and critically-acclaimed rock band, at its core, This House Is Not For Sale perhaps demonstrates more than any other record in their discography that we are all ultimately sharing the often chaotic, unpredictable human experience. And, the human spirit has the capacity to overcome and prevail in the face of adversity. Jon Bon Jovi’s message of hope at the end of the documentary packs a strong, emotional punch “Camden, we believe in you.”

TIDAL members and non-members can view the full documentary here. The final two videos in the Bon Jovi TIDAL exclusive This House Is Not For Sale are a must-see, “Living with the Ghost” and “Reunion.” A third video “Spiritual Warfare” plays a continuous stream of both. TIDAL non-members can catch a preview of these on the Bon Jovi TIDAL page and can get a free trial TIDAL membership here.

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