Watch: Boxers Santa Cruz and Mares prepare for rematch at Staples Center June 9

In 2015, Los Angeles-based professional boxers Leo Santa Cruz and Abner Mares went head to head at Staples Center, resulting in a victory for Santa Cruz. Now, the time has come for a rematch on June 9—and both boxers are more prepared and ready to fight this time around.

"Something that I found out is that he is a vulnerable fighter," Mares told AXS at a training session before the fight. "He can get lazy in there sometimes, so I have to take advantage of those moments."

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"I have been training a lot better for this fight, because I know Mares is going to come at his best," Cruz told AXS at one of his training sessions. "He has Robert Garcia, one of the best trainers in boxing right now." 

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Watch the full video with Santa Cruz and Mares above, and tickets to the fight at Staples Center June 9 are available now. Get tickets right here on AXS.