Watch: Brave girl challenges Paul McCartney to bass off, now coolest person ever

One of Chris Farley’s most memorable moments on Saturday Night Live was when Paul McCartney made an appearance on The Chris Farley Show sketch. If you haven’t seen it you can watch it below; if you have seen the skit (you can still watch it below) then you know that’s the way just about anyone would act when placed in an eight-foot radius of Macca. “You…you remember when you were in The Beatles…that was pretty awesome. Stupid! Stupid!” But not Leila Lacase from Argentina.

As Consequence of Sound reported, Macca was playing a show in Buenos Aires when he noticed a little girl in the crowd holding a stuffed monkey. Being the cool dude that he is, Paul invited the girl up onstage but got a bit more than he bargained for. Thinking that the girl wanted him to sign her stuffed monkey, Paul was taken aback when the girl said that she wanted to place bass with him. When McCartney pointed out that she didn’t have her bass, Leila—kids are great problem solvers—pointed to one sitting offstage. Paul then said, “This could get interesting.” And it did.

Leila slung on the bass a stagehand brought her , with the bass hanging down around her knees. Paul then announced that they would be doing “Get Back.” The band launched into the chugging intro and Leila seemed to know exactly what she was doing. She had great technique. Not only did Leila rip the bass but she also sang with McCartney on the chorus, sharing a mic the way The Beatles used to do. Leila is now officially the coolest person ever. You can watch the fan shot footage embedded above.

Paul will be returning to North America this summer. Click here to browse for tickets. Macca is also set to play the star studded Desert Trip Festival in October. Keep it at for more Paul McCartney news.