Watch: Camila Cabello gets personal in hot new video for 'Never Be the Same'
Camila Cabello YouTube

Camila Cabello continues to turn up the heat on her massively successful solo career with the release of her flirty and artsy new video for “Never Be the Same.” The soulful, mid-tempo ballad dropped in January as the second single from her Billboard 200 chart-topping self-titled solo debut album, Camila.

The video opens with what appears to be homemade footage of the former Fifth Harmony singer dressed in a robe and laughing and flirting with the camera in a hotel room. She also debates on her hairstyle, eats French fries in bed, uses a TV remote as a mic, and playfully tosses a pillow, which blocks the camera lens.

Shots of Cabello dressed in couture gowns in sultry poses are mixed with the “home video” shots. Some scenes boast an artsy, Avant-garde feel. In one scene, she’s dressed in a spacey red leather wraparound dress, pressing against boulders which are set against a neon orange sky. In another, she’s in a glass box, wearing a translucent, short, silvery dress.

The “Havana” songstress sings of an addictive love in “Never Be the Same." She pines in the chorus, “It's you, babe/ And I'm a sucker for the way that you move, babe/ And I could try to run, but it would be useless/ You're to blame/ Just one hit, you will know I'll never ever, ever be the same."

“Never Be the Same” dropped last December and marks Cabello’s fourth Billboard Hot 100 Top 40 solo hit. She also released a different video for the track back in December, which shows moments from her childhood, all the way through to her breakout solo career. The album’s Latin-infused promo single “Havana,” which topped charts in multiple countries across the globe. Grammy-winning superstar Taylor Swift recently announced Cabello will join her on her Reputation World Tour, along with British pop star Charli XCX.

Watch the “Never Be the Same” video embedded above. Camila Cabello will perform at Terminal 5 in New York on May 4 as part of her Never Be the Same spring 2018 headlining tour. (Click here to purchase tickets from AXS). Read an AXS review of Cabello's debut solo album here.