Watch: Cara Delevingne's first ever music video 'I Feel Everything'

In addition to being a world-class actress and model, it appears Cara Delevingne is now looking to break into the music world. On July 28, the newly-minted triple threat tweeted out a link to the music video for her debut single, “I Feel Everything,” which appears on the soundtrack for Delevingne’s latest film, “Valerian and the City a Thousand Planets.” The song is a jazz/lounge affair that features some excellent minimalist production work by Pharrell Williams and some unpolished but very promising vocals by Delevingne.

The song’s enjoyable music video is directed by “Valerian” helmer Luc Besson. The clip splits its runtime between clips from the recently released science-fiction blockbuster and some very evocative footage of Delevingne. In an apparent nod to Robert Palmer’s iconic video for “Addicted to Love,” “I Feel Everything” captures its subject singing a very sharp blue suit and platinum blonde, brunette and red headed wigs alone and as an impossibly cool trio.

On the whole, the video is very cool and very European. And as it has attracted more than one million views in just two days, it’s served as a perfect starting point for Delevingne singing career.