Watch: Carnivals premiere video for ‘Leave It All Behind’
Carnivals Band

Hailing from South East London, Carnivals is a group who has all the right ingredients for a perfect musical recipe. Cal Green (lead vocals/guitar), Joe Hannen (guitar/synth), George Brimble (bass/vox) and Harry Wood (drums/vox) conjure up a ‘60s psychedelic rock sound infused with a catchy alt-rock vibe.

The psych-rock quartet released their debut single, “Leave It All Behind,” in late October of 2017. “The song is purely about wasting time on certain things in life that don't need time wasted on,” George Brimble tells AXS. “The meaning behind it is to stop watching the clock and wishing things would happen faster.”

The video, directed by Tom Holborn, is a clever take on winning a second chance at happiness. It gives a special nod to the famous film, “The Seventh Seal.”

“We wanted a video which wasn't us four playing guitars and drums in a room. We tried to imagine what our mind was naturally drawn to when walking around listening to the song on our headphones,” Brimble added. Although none of the band is “featured” in the video, Cal was initially tasked with playing Death. However, upon meeting the main actor, the role was given to their bass man George, having been described as "looming" with his 6-foot-7 frame.

Get an exclusive look at the video for ‘Leave It All Behind’ up above. You can head over to the band’s website for more.